quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

Special tribute by Canadians to Portugal and the Portuguese...

Extraordinária homenagem, feita por Canadianos, a Portugal e aos Portugueses, especialmente àqueles que fizeram, fazem e farão do mar as suas vidas…

Uma homenagem a uma espécie de seres humanos à parte, que Platão definiu como “…os que andam no mar…” (Platão identificou três espécies de homens… “Os vivos, os mortos e os que andam no mar…”)

Special tribute by Canadians to Portugal and the Portuguese, especially to those who have made and will make the sea the reason of their existence...

A tribute to a special kind of human being. Plato once defined that there are of 3 types of men: "The living, the dead and those who are able to be at sea ..."

Captain Ramalheira on board Santa Maria Manuela, a white fleet ..... (click)

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O Uhuchiku Kobudo - a nossa linha...

Os Mestres...

Kinjo Sanda (Ufuchiku) 1841-1926

Born in Shuri, Kinjo Sanda was a pioneering Karate and Kobudo expert who served as personal bodyguard to the last of Okinawa’s reigning kings, Sho Tai, until the king’s fall in 1879.

Following his service with the royal family, Kinjo was appointed Ufuchiku (police commissioner or captain) of Shuri and taught his techniques to the police force while slowly developing and perfecting his own system known as Ufuchiku Kobujutso.

He was a close friend to the well-known Karate Sensei Bushi Matsumura.

Kina Shosei 1883-1980

Kina Shosei was born on 5th January in the small village of Shimabuku, Kita Nakagusuku. Kina Sensei was a school teacher, and apart some Karate training with Itosu and Yabu, his main goal was the study of Kobujutsu with Ufuchiku Sensei (Kinjo Sanda), wihich he started at the age of 20.

(Kina Shosei e Kiichi Nakamoto)

In 1973, he was awarded the 6th Order of Merit by the Emperor and in 1974 he was awarded 10th Dan by the All Okinawa Karate and Kobudo Rengokai.
Very humble and a brave man, he saved his village in Okinawa during World War II.

Kyan Shinei (Shinyei) 1914-1997

Kyan Shinei was a student of both Karate and Kobudo. He studied kobudo (principally saijutsu) with Kina Shosei. A large, strong built man, Kyan Shinei was well-known in Okinawa as an expert of both the Sai and Bo.
Kyan Shinei was a long-time friend of Nagamine Shoshin. One of the earliest members of Matsubayashi-Ryu, Kyan Sensei was a Hanshi, 9th Dan, in the art at the time of his death.

Two of the Sai kata practiced in Matsubayashi-Ryu are attributed to him. The basic kata is simply called Sai Dai Ichi and the more advanced kata is referred to as Kyan No Sai.

In the postwar period, Kyan Shinei worked in the education field and he was best known for his political career. First elected in 1970, he served five terms in the Japanese National Diet, earning the nickname “Mr. Okinawa”. He also saw Karate as a way to good health, longevity and peace. In 1991 he wrote:

“Okinawan Karate tells us to pay high respect to the life of our enemy and settle any violence peacefully without using weapons, which may be used only for protecting ourselves from attack. The traditional way of self-defense is purely defensive, not offensive. I am proud of this philosophy of Okinawan Karate”.
Kyan Shinei died on 16th July 1997.

Fonte: Ryukyu Traditional Kobujutsu Preservation Association.